Katima'A, has strived to design the most beautiful and efficient skincare, a symbol of commitment, passion and sharing so that both the people who produce it and consumers worldwide can benefit from this rare beauty treasure.

The rarest oil in the world

Amongst all its natural treasures, Morocco shelters the essence of Berber women's beauty. There, at the heart of a unique forest surviving the never ending summer, the fruits of the Argan tree have revealed a precious oil gifted with outstanding beauty promoting properties: Argan oil.

Coming from the South West of Morocco, where the climate is particular, the Argan tree is a unique phenomenon, having never produced fruits anywhere else in the world other than in its native region. The Argan forest, once threatened by extinction, has stood as the last rampart against the desert's expansion for millenaries, until in 1999 it was classified as a world biosphere by UNESCO.

Wanting to be part of preserving such a precious and natural inheritance, LA MAISON DE L'ARGAN chose to put Argan oil at the forefront by making it the key active ingredient of its entire skincare line: Katima'A.

From the beginning, LA MAISON DE L'ARGAN has committed itself to the Argan cause by creating and supporting feminine cooperatives in Morocco, thus, protecting a 800 000 ha Argan tree forest. Truly respectful of the millenary and traditional production "savoir-faire", LA MAISON DE L'ARGAN has developed unique patented extraction processes in order to increase the oil quality whilst contributing to the timelessness of a nature miracle.

To achieve the best Argan oil quality, LA MAISON DE L'ARGAN has set rigorous quality controls at every fabrication step, from the selection of Argan Nuts from the tree, to the oil extraction. Rigorously selected, the fruits of Argan undergo specific laboratory manufacturing processes to reach an incomparable quality whilst preserving its cosmetic virtues.

Katima'A formulas are designed in their own laboratory in France using a unique procedure that preserves all the qualities of the ingredients involved. This patented process has been created and perfected by their pharmacists. The fabrication method uses limited energy, water consumption as well as limited production waste. In this way it consumes 50 times less energy than the normal hot temperature manufacturing process commonly used by other companies.

- Unsaturated Fatty Acids: essential barrier to preserve the epidermis water reserves, prevent premature ageing with moisturizing and restructuring properties..

- Essential Fatty Acids: linoleic acid, equilibrating agent of the cells membrane with revitalizing properties that protects the skin and helps it resist cold, pollution, stress, and sun exposure.

- Phytosterols: Strong Anti-free radicals' action; revitalize and protect the epidermis and contribute to boost cells' activites

- Tocopherols (highly concentrated in Argan oil): a variety of E vitamin, with high anti-oxidant virtues, that stops the cells' dysfunctions caused by free radicals and cause skin ageing.

- Delta 7 Sterols: inhibit the hormonal conversion responsible for physiological disorders such as hyper seborrea, acne...

- Squalene: Rarely found in vegetal elements in such concentrations. Precursor of the anti-ageing hormone DHEA, with similar effects.

Argan oil has been used for centuries to protect the legendary beauty of Berber women, having used it to treat their face, body and hair from the scorching wind, sun and desert sands. On top of having such rare beauty promoting properties, Argan oil has long been used in traditional medicine to treat and heal skin diseases such as acne, chicken pox, chapping, eczema and skin irritations.

More than just a powerfulmoisturizerandhighly nutritiveactive ingredient, Argan oil has one of thehighest antioxidant and anti free radicals content of any oil.

By actively stimulating the cells' oxygenation, Argan oilrestores the hydro lipid layer and extracellular matrix, bringing essential nutrients back to the epidermis, and preventing the deficiences that cause the appearance of wrinkles.

Acting as a barrier against evaporation, it helps preserve skin's hydration which stands as a key asset to keep the skin's vitality and delays the ageing process. As a matter of fact, our exposure to daily stresses such as pollution, emotional stress, wind and sun is among the main factors that make skin lose elasticity and firmness. Daily moisture thus becomes a capital stake to preserve natural beauty.

Argan oil shelters very special components whose virtues are widely recognized and act in synergy to provide the skin with an in depth regeneration. Argan oil ensures a global anti-ageing action as it acts on all the mechanisms that are at the origin of skin disorders. It is said that Argan oil is an
"intelligent active ingredient" as it targets and corrects deficiencies to each individuals skin.

Argan oil components are numerous and have not all been revealed yet. Science has a lot more to discover on this natural mystery.

The multiple compounds can be divided into two categories: the Fatty Acids and the unsaponifiable matter.

- The fatty acids

- The Unsaponifiable matter

To summerise, the application of Argan oil restores the cutaneous hydro lipid layer and increases the nutrient content of skin cells. It also stimulates intracellular oxygenation, neutralises free radicals, and protects conjunctive tissues (Fabre 1999).Wanting to be part of preserving such a precious and natural inheritance, Katima'A chose to put Argan oil at the forefront by making it the key active ingredient of its entire skincare line. This 100% natural golden fluid, stands as one of the best cosmetic discoveries of the century. An active ingredient, that has long been the secret guardian of women's beauty, is now unveiling its secrets to the world.

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