Amazon Bath & Body

The ARTE DOS AROMAS is a leading Brazilian Cosmetic Company, which produces organic and natural cosmetics inspired in the Amazon Forest.

We have searched the Brazilian biodiversity to discover the beauty secrets hidden in the Amazon Forest.

Our products are developed with ingredients certified by ECOCERT and they are from Sustainable Community Trade.

In Arte dos Aromas oils, seeds, fruit and leaves are turn into cosmetic products, which unveil the greatness of Brazilian biodiversity.

And in order for the Amazon forest to be preserved, we look forward to sustainable development.

That has brought up our new brand, AMAZON BATH & BODY, in 2004 developed exclusively with Amazon's organic and natural ingredients.

We have 12 products certified by ECOCERT . The other 40 products are Ecological cosmetics following the principle of sustainability.

We help to preserve nature in Brazilian Rain forest by working only with partners who are committed to socially responsible trade and support the native communities.

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